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Camping Info

Camping spaces are available. Campers are asked not to arrive before the Wednesday prior to an event. An area of the main parking lot will be designated for RV parking; campers who do not comply may be asked to move. Please use only the bare minumum space, or you may be asked to move. There are no hook-ups. All campers are asked to leave sites clean and tidy.

Seasonal spots are available. To reserve, please email

All RVs and trailers to be parked in designated locations only. See diagram below.

  • Designated locations are the outside perimeter of property and end of parking rows. Sites are marked with colored tags 20ft apart with site marker numbers in the middle. Please make sure you are parked (including push outs) within your markers.

  • If you are unsure of a particular spot being designated for camping, please come to the main gate and inquire with track management.

  • There are no serviced sites. Please ensure your onboard tanks remain closed at all times.

  • Please make sure all generators are turned off no later than 1am.

  • Please ensure pets are not running freely, scoop when they poop and please do not throw the poop baggies in the woods.

  • Please drive on the roads provided, no cutting across the grassy area.

  • Fire pits MUST be within your camping spot only. All fires must be in some kind of metal pit with a maximum diameter of thirty inches. Make sure fires are completely extinguished before leaving. Do not leave trash in your fire pit. Please remember to check the New Brunswick fire index for burn restrictions before lighting your fire pit at

  • To avoid any damage done when mowing, please do not leave anything lying around that could get caught up in the mower. Please note, grass trimming around your camper will not be done by staff.

  • GARBAGE: On race weekends garbage must be disposed of in our large bins inside the pit gate or left by pit gate if locked. THERE WILL BE NO GARBAGE PICK UP ON NON-RACE WEEKENDS. Please take your garbage to the bins inside the pit gate. Make sure to throw your bag to the back of the bin not right at the opening. The gate will be open on Sunday mornings and remain open all day. There will be no garbage pick ups on Mondays. PLEASE DO NOT THROW GARBAGE IN THE WOODS.


Track Policies

The following policies have been implemented to help make your visit to Petty International Raceway the most enjoyable experience possible. We thank-you in advance for your co-operation.

  • All motorized vehicles, including motorcycles, golf carts, etc to be parked at dusk.

  • Please follow the helmet laws of New Brunswick.

  • Track management is not responsible for any vehicles, RVs, tents or other personal property on site. Park and use the space at your own risk.

  • In case of an emergency, our civic address is 4045 Route 106, Petitcodiac East, New Brunswick.

  • Payment for admission on race day is by CASH only.

  • Event tickets are in the form of colored bracelets to be worn on the wrist.

  • Re-entry is permitted if you leave during an event but you must present your bracelet, unaltered and still on your wrist, in order to return to the stands.

  • Only coolers 14" or under in all dimensions will be permitted in the grandstand area.

  • There is no reserved seating and nothing can be affixed to grandstand until after the main gate opens on race day.

  • No alcoholic beverages will be permitted to come into the grandstand area. Coolers, bags, backpacks etc will be checked at entry.

  • Pets are not permitted in the main grandstand area. Dogs are permitted in the pit area and must be leashed at all times.

  • Fans using abusive or profane language will be asked to leave the property.

  • There are no refunds for entry bracelets. If an event is postponed, in full or in part, bracelets will be honoured at the make-up date. You must keep your bracelet for the make-up date. Further restrictions may apply for special events.

  • Pit Area admission is restricted to those 18 and older. You can upgrade an adult grandstand admission ticket for pit entry at the pit gate. By entering the pit area you acknowledge you are entering a dangerous restricted area and waiving legal rights; you are required to sign an electronic waiver to that effect.

  • The bracelet holder assumes any and all liabilities as to the risks and danger that may result from the event and waives any claim for loss or damage whatever the cause, incurred or suffered, whether occurring before, during, or after an event.

  • Management reserves the right to refuse access to an event or evict any person where behavior is deemed inappropriate.

Further restrictions may apply; all policies are subject to change without notice.

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