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Track Rental Policy

All persons attending practice sessions must have a completed insurance e-waiver before being permitted to enter the pit area. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the pits unless they are a driver. Children ages 14 - 18 are permitted in the pits if they are a crew member.

Your rental time starts when you enter the gate and finishes when you exit the gate. If you are unable to make your scheduled practice time, you must call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. "No-shows" will be automatically billed for the reserved session.

Racecars must have, and drivers must wear, all safety and other equipment per rules governing their division.


When there are multiple racers sharing a rental period, only 1 car is permitted on track at a time.

Rental Fees do NOT include Fire/Medic personnel, vehicles, wreckers, insurance, or any track staff or equipment. A minimum of two people are required for each rental and you must have access to a cellular phone while on site.

Should anything happen where you need emergency assistance call 911. You rent the track AT YOUR OWN RISK and also accept responsibility for any and all persons on-site during your rental. No alcohol or other illegal substances on-site during the rental and no person under either of these influences can be on-site during the rental.

You are required to clean up any fluid spillages and/or are responsible for any facility damage that may happen during your rental.

The track is available to be reserved for private team practice rental by calling Wayne Smith (902-717-0397) or Ellen Smith (902-221-5244) or by email:

The 2022 rental fees are as follows: $30/hour or $100/4 hours per car.  Longer rental times to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Payment must be made with cash (NO EXCEPTIONS) to the raceway representation when entering pits at the time of your rental.

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