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2023 MSM Camping


Limited availability for camping spots has opened. Those still looking for camping for the Mike Stevens Memorial, please reach out to

Thank you to everyone who reserved their spot for the 10th Annual Mike Stevens Memorial event. Your patience as we worked to address the unexpectedly high volume of registrations and respond to everyone who contacted us was very much appreciated. 

Unless marked otherwise, all sites are a minimum 20ft x 40ft.


Camping is $50 for the 4 days, required upon arrival to the event.


Tenters, the new parking area and much of the older lot are primarily gravel, but we have marked out 3 reservable tent sites in the 'Green Zone'.


Sites available on first-come first-served basis. Please enter your first choice and second choice on the registration form. If both sites have already been claimed upon receipt of your request, we will contact you to choose another. We will do our best to keep the camping site plan updated as spots are reserved.

Be sure to read through our camping policies here.


*Updated site plan for MSM weekend only

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