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Congratulations 2023 Champions!

Our house division champions and rookies were crowned at the 2023 Awards Banquet in Petitcodiac on Saturday, October 28th. The top 5 from each division who were in attendance were also recognized and received their awards.

Thank you to everyone for another successful season, and we'll see you next year!

Leisure Days RV Beginner Bando

#43 Ryder Smith

#83 Hudson Ruff

Leisure Days RV Outlaw Bandolero

#97 Daniel Vandenburg

Kings County Performance Women on Wheels

#33 Gail Thebeau

Mister Transmission Mini Stock

#46 Ryan McKnight


#0 Tanton Wooldridge

Stuff Your Stuff Commercial Storage Street Stock

#68 Michael Cormier

AJW Mechanical Sportsman

#69 BJ Gillespie

#23 Drew Greenlaw



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